PDS51 Development System for the 80C51

The PDS51 is a board level, full featured in circuit emulator that allows the user complete access to the internal registers and full program flow control.

The mother board complete with 64K of emulation memory requires a daughter board for operation. The daughter board emulates the 8051 microcontroller. It is supplied with a 40 pin DIL footprint.

The daughter board is installed with the footprint adaptor plug(s) facing the outside edge of the system and the RESET push botton closest to the heat sink. If the daughter board is not installed please have the TA do it. Do not try to do it yourself.

The 40 pin DIL footprint can be plugged into your circuit and provides all the functionality of the 8051 microcontroller.

For more information please refer to the user's manual.

A. Compiling and Linking your C program for the PDS51:
Use the following compiler directive in your C program:

#pragma SMALL dB CODE

If you had two files main.c and counter.c in your program,

1. To compile your files type:
This will create the object files counter.obj and main.obj respectively
2. Now link your object files using the bl51 linker as follows:

This creates the counter.omf file which now loaded into the PDS-51 software.

B. Connecting the PDS-51 board:

  1. Connect the 8051 ports to LED's switches or any other circuitry as may be needed for the experiment. Also make any other connections you may need.
  2. Plug in the 40-pin DIL into your circuit in place of the actual 8051 chip.
  3. Connect the serial cable between the serial port 1 on your PC and the PDS-51 board.
  4. Connect the power supply 5V adapator to the power-in connector on the board.
  5. Press the reset button.

C. Using the PDS-51 software:

  1. Start the PDS51 Software
  2. Click on setup
    (if window comes up with "missing ini file" click OK then go to setup)
    • Under the Communicatins tab set
      • COMPort -> auto
      • BaudRate -> auto
    • Under the Debugging tab set
      • Source Origin -> FranklinC
  3. Loading and running the object file
    • File
    • Load object file
    • Select "FranklinC" as file type
    • Select output file
    • Arrow located on the tool bar will start program
For more useful information that you may need on the PDS-51 board and software please refer to the User's Manual in the lab.
The software is described in the section Integrated Development Environment - IDE