Additional Files/Handouts Needed for Lab

File/Schematic Name File/Schematic Description
7display.html Diagram of 7 segment display. Diagram shows which led's correspond to variables used in various labs.
8051pin.gif Pinout for the 8051.
clkdiv.vhd VHDL clock divider
clkdiv.vhd (new boards) VHDL clock divider for the new XSboards
DIPconnect.gif Schematic which shows the DIP switch connections to the XS40 board pins, shows the jumpers, and some tips on downloading unto the board.
lcd.c File which contains functions used for the LCD.
lcd.h Header file for functions used for the LCD.
serial.exe Execuatable used for the stepper motor laboratory. The execuatble is used to transmit data from your PC to the 8051.
wrled.vhd VHDL code used to write decimal values to the 7-segment display located on the XS40 board
Datasheet/Manual/Reference Datasheet/Manual/Reference Description
ADC0801.pdf Datasheet for the ADC0804LCN A/D convertor chip used in the Analog to Digital Conversion Lab
c51 Compiler Information Information regarding the C51 compiler for the 8xc51
LT1130.pdf Datasheet for the LT1130CN low power 5V RS232 Driver/Receiver chip used in the Serial Communication Lab
pds51 Emulation Software Information Information regarding the PDX51 Development System for the 80C51, steps required to compile, link you C program, Connecting the PDS51 board, and using the PDS51 software.
stepper.gif Data sheet for the 2 Phase Bipolar Stepper Motor used in the Stepper Motor Lab
xs40manual.pdf XS40 Board Manual
xs40sch.pdf XS40 Board Schematic